Catch every information correctly.

Work Order VIN Accurate Data

Accurate data capture leads to no missing information, saves time and $$$ by timely processing of invoices and improves profitability.

  • Exclusive VIN number scanning
  • Automated pull of information like make/model/year based on VIN number
  • Inventory management using barcode scanning
  • Appropriate selection of the services and products to remove possibility of errors
  • Location based customer selection

Work Order Exchange

Manage Work Orders

Customer, Service provider, and field technician all of them use the same app. By using VercX, customer creates work order, service provider assigns the field technician, field technician notifies the work status and finally customer gets the real-time updates.

  • Easy to create, modify and close the work orders
  • Quick assignment of correct technician to the job
  • Capture car pictures before and after
  • Covered liability
  • Easy transfer of information by automated invoice generation and emailing of invoices to customer in no time

Works while you are not connected.

Offline Create Work Order Capability

Smart offline functionality

  • Gives you access to work orders anywhere and anytime
  • Once connected the information gets synced
  • Keeps everyone up to date

Advanced and Predictive Analytics

Work Order, Work Force Analytics

Advanced analytics benefits in identifying improvement opportunities within existing business processes by optimizing over all business.

  • Actionable advanced analytics
  • Report engine to generate various reports for customers and service providers
  • Assistance for Performance Improvement

Push Notifications

Work Order Status Notification

You don’t have to come asking, we will provide information at your fingertip.

  • Notifications on creation and assignment of new work order
  • Notifications on work progress
  • Real-time data updates
  • Track the real-time location of vehicle and technician

Custom Work Flow

Custom Work Order Flow

We understand that your needs are different than the others. Hence, focusing thoroughly on Auto industry we offer a customizable work flow which gives you flexibility to add operations / functions based on your changing business requirements.

  • Services are configurable based on the needs of the providers
  • Customizable dash board based on the business needs
  • Connectivity with external systems such as Accounting systems offering seamless information transfer
  • Extraordinary user experience

Service that works

Some of our customers have tested our App and it’s ready for you. Get started and Contact Us.

We understand the importance of uninterrupted service. Hence we thrive to offer high quality service with exceptional customer experience.

  • Cloud storage offers scalability for future business expansions
  • No installation hassles
  • Negligible down-time
  • Receptive and quick customer support
Fully Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android Devices